An efficient coding and marking system simplifies packaging, reduces waste, and saves time and money. Making the business decision to buy an industrial inkjet printer is not only a sizeable investment, it also requires some serious due diligence. Taking careful consideration before making such a purchase could make a significant difference in saving your business time and expense. Here are a few key points to bear in mind when you’re in the market for a new industrial inkjet printer. One important factor to take into account is the upfront cost of the equipment. Beyond that, additional factors that can gradually increase operating costs are high-priced maintenance agreements, service calls and repairs, extra parts, unexpected maintenance, training, and disposal of waste. If there was one major point to take into consideration in almost all cases it would be the reliability, or up-time, of the printer. This factor largely depends upon your industry and products; however, in most situations products are unable to be distributed without having proper coding. Without a doubt, your number one priority should be the availability of your product. When shopping for printers, it’s important to note that a fraction of downtime can quickly wipe out any cost savings from the initial price of the printer. Cost per print is not merely dependent upon the price of consumables. Using print with a higher resolution and smaller drop size will decrease the amount of ink usage. Markem-Imaje industrial ink jet printers enable fonts and resolution to be utilized with maximum capabilities, and therefore cost savings will be substantial over time. Another important element to consider is the operating costs. A little here, a little there – expenses add up over time. Downtime in production will cost a company the most money. Other operating costs to be considered are fixed consumable costs, service contracts, repair calls, and extra parts. At Markem-Imaje we stand behind the reliability of our industrial inkjet printers, reasonably-priced consumables, remote troubleshooting, and profitable recovery. All of which we believe are essential for reducing operating expenditures over time. Your industry may have printing specifications that call for an inkjet printer to withstand strenuous demands. Markem-Imaje industrial inkjet printers perform with impeccable print quality, high speed, and small and large character size. We work within a broad range of markets and industries, and our products supply a wide variety of print resolution, print sizes and speeds in order to satisfy nearly every coding and marking need. To learn more, contact Pooley today.

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Markem Imaje Batteries Product Catalogs & Information

Markem-Imaje 2200 Pallet Print and Apply Systems

(PDF – 944 Kb)

Markem-Imaje 5800 High Resolution Hot Melt Inkjet Printers

(PDF – 451 Kb)

Markem-Imaje CoLOS Software Solutions

(PDF – 3.30 Mb)

Markem-Imaje Craft Brewing Solution Set

(PDF – 6.26 Mb)

Markem-Imaje Smartlase Laser Coding Technology for Beverage Industry

(PDF – 4.03 Mb)

Markem-Imaje 9450 Product Coding Continuous Inkjet Coding

(PDF – 1.08 Mb)

Markem-Imaje Packaging Intelligence Brochure

(PDF – 3.44 Mb)

Markem-Imaje SmartDate X40 Thermal Transfer Coders

(PDF – 940 Kb)

Markem-Imaje SmartDate X60 Thermal Transfer Coders

(PDF – 928 Kb)

Markem-Imaje Thermal Transfer Ribbons

(PDF – 2.53 Mb)