Pooley Inc. was founded in 1932 by Samuel H. Pooley at the age of 65.  He wanted to create a company that would always remain true to his catch phrase “THE HOUSE THAT SERVICE BUILT.”  We still use this slogan to help frame every decision so we can maximize and improve our customer service levels to exceed expectations.  Therefore, a formal service group with many service options has been created and our offering continues to expand.

Conveyor Belting

  • Complete fabrication at our facility from a large inventory with cleating, guiding, sidewalls with many forms of splicing.
  • Installation crews to vulcanize conveyor belting on your equipment eliminating downtime while maximizing belt life and your production performance.
  • Conveyor belt tracking service.
  • Installation of automatic conveyor belt trackers.
  • Conveyor components replacement and preventative maintenance.

Hose Assemblies

  • Fabricate made to order assemblies to fit your application from a large inventory of options at our state of the art facility.
  • Pressure tested to certify performance criteria conformance.
  • Field fit and field assembly including installation.
  • Laser Etched Code for traceability.
  • Made to order while you wait at our service counter.

Casters and Wheels

  • Stocked at our facility in large quantities with many style options.
  • Assembled as per order with multiple bearing options including needle, roller, Delrin, and precision ball bearings.
  • Brake kits and floor lock option in stock as well.
  • Ergonomic and mobile towing designs are also available.

Machine Shop

  • Emergency Machining Services and Job Shop
  • Mechanical repair of gearboxes, pumps, mixers, and many other types of equipment
  • Reverse Engineering of OEM parts
  • Adapter plates, made to order shafts and welding repairs

Coders and Printers

  • Markem Imaje Partner
  • 2 fully, factory-trained field Technicians
  • Large Inventory of Consumables; Ink, Ribbons, Additive, many other consumables.
  • Large Inventory of spare parts and assemblies; Print heads, Umbilical Cords, and many additional components.
  • Program, install, and commission equipment for Barcodes, Date codes, and QR codes
  • Field service and repairs, shop repairs and rental units
  • Service Contracts
  • Emergency Services 24/7

Gearbox Assembly Center

  • Cone Drive Swift Assembly Center
  • Also, assemble Radicon and Sumitomo gearboxes.
  • 24/7 Emergency Service
  • Interchangeable with most worm gearboxes
  • Large inventory to fit most applications

Liaison Purchasing™

  • We purchase any products you need, facilitate procurement and delivery on your behalf.
  • The average cost to set up a vendor and maintain a file is approximately $800+. If it is a one-time purchase or an infrequent spend it makes more sense to use Pooley Inc. to be your procurement partner and avoid that fixed cost.  Eliminate the paperwork, time, and effort to set up a new vendor.  This will also help you to be compliant if your corporation has a mandate for a vendor reduction initiative.
  • Many corporations have adopted long payment terms that many existing partners will not or cannot accept. We will accept your terms and pay the vendor within their preferred time frame.  Yes, we can keep everyone happy and productive.
  • Many corporations have adopted policies of no online purchases and no credit card purchases. Again, Pooley, as a valued partner, facilitates your purchase and delivery, mitigates your risk, and fulfills your need.
  • Please call us to learn more about our Liaison Procurement services.