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Manufacturer Videos

Fenner Drives Video

Fenner Drives - Eagle SureConnect

Eliminate the need to weld with Eagle SureConnect!

Eagle SureConnect is a patent pending connector and polyurethane belting system that is made to length simply by twisting the threaded connector into the matching belt.

Performance you can count on
Unlike welding, Eagle SureConnect provides a strong, consistent, SURE connection every time. No need to worry about improper welds that can lead to premature belt failure.

Best of all, the performance of Eagle SureConnect allows it to be a drop-in replacement for an equivalent welded belt, making it perfect for most conveying applications!

Simple Installation – Every Time
Welding requires training and practice to master. Eagle SureConnect eliminates welding and is made endless in minutes.

Learn more at

Flexco Videos

Flexco® Bolt Hinged Fastener Installation

How to properly use Flexco® Bolt Hinged Fastener to install
 a conveyor belt splice. Visit for additional information and procedures.
Flexco® Bolt Solid Plate Fastener Installation

How to properly use Bolt Solid Plate Fasteners from Flexco
 to install a conveyor belt splice. Visit
 for additional information and procedures.     

Alligator® Ready Set™ Staple Fastener Installation 

Find out how to properly install Alligator Ready Set staple fastener.
 More details about Flexco conveyor belt fastener products can be found at

IDC Select Videos

IDC Select® Electric Motors

IDC Select® offers a full line of single phase, farm duty,
  and three phase rolled steel motors.
IDC Select® Keyless Locking Devices

Replace keyways, key stock, bushings and/or setscrews
 using an IDC Select® keyless locking device. For even
 greater cost savings, use keyless locking devices for
 applications requiring long keyways, splined shafts,
 threads, grooves and steps.

PT International Video

PT International - Spherical Mounted Roller Bearings

PTI's new SR2200 and SRE mounted spherical roller bearings are designed to meet standard "E" and "2000" series dimensions. They're widely used in bulk material handling, mining, aggregate, food (grain handling conveyors), bucket elevators, and wood elevators.

Key Product Features:
1. Ductile Iron Housings - for superior durability over industry standard cast iron
2. Solid Base Design - for added strength
3. HNBR Triple Lip Seals - offering superior sealing and chemical resistance

Expansion and non-expansion units are available. All units are interchangeable with competitive brands and are assembled at PTI Headquarters in Charlotte, NC - USA.

Our customers enjoy a huge offering of both Metric and Inch-based products for the Industrial Power Transmission Industry. For more information, please visit

Bamco Belting / TM Induction Heater Videos

Bamco Belting - Clipper Lace with Roller Lacer

How to Clipper Lace a belt with a Roller Lacer
TM Induction Heating - Easytherm

Easytherm introduction and instructional video

UniTrak Video

UniTrak - Tiptrak Bucket Elevators

TipTrak™ bucket elevators deliver the gentlest handling, least spillage, lowest maintenance and quietest operation of any mechanical elevating device.