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Habasit's Products, Parts & Components

For material handling systems, Habasit is the leading manufacturer of high-quality conveyor belting solutions for a broad range of industries. Having introduced the world's first synthetic belt, Habasit continues to manufacture the finest belting for food grade, treadmill belts, and many more belting applications. As a customer-driven company, Habasit is deeply committed to producing high-quality innovative products. Pooley is proud to be the leading distributor of Habasit products, we look forward to bringing these superior products and services to your business. Please contact Pooley, Inc. today to learn how we've provided superior belting solutions to customers across the Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Niagara Falls, New York & Erie, Pennsylvania areas.

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Habasit Product Catalogs & Information

Industry Conveyor

(PDF - 2.03 Mb)
  • TPU Coated Belts
  • TPO / Habilene® Coated Belts
  • Plastic Modular Belts
  • Silicone Coated Belts
  • Antimicrobial TPU Belts
PVC Belts
for Agro

(PDF - 365.11 Kb)
  • Full compliance of belts and accessories with EU regulations for direct food contact, including: EC 1935/2004 & EU 10/2011
  • Skilled personnel work with assured quality systems throughout the entire supply chain
  • Declaration of Compliance (DoC) for every product provided
  • Surface coating made on hot melt coater equipment
Meat and Poultry
Industry Conveyor
and Processing Belts

(PDF - 4.67 Mb)
  • HabasitLINK® Plastic Modular Belts
  • Fabric-based/coated conveyor belts
  • Habasit Cleandrive®
  • HabaSYNC® Timing Belts
Habasit Solutions
for the Automotive

(PDF - 418.70 Kb)
  • Fabric-based conveyor and processing belts
  • Plastic modular belts
  • Power transmission belts
  • Timing belts
  • Slat and conveyor chains
  • Profiles, Guides, Wear strips
  • Gear reducers, Gear motors, Motion control
Tire Industry Habasit
Conveyor and Processing
Belts for Rubber Handling
and Tire Manufacturing

(PDF - 6.12 Mb)
  • Rubber mixing and batch-off
  • Rubber extrusion and cooling - Calendering and tire cord cutting
  • Tire building - Vulcanization (curing) - Finished tire handling
  • Belting products for the tire industry
Beverage Industry
Belts, Chains
and Complementary

(PDF - 2.61 Mb)
  • Can filling (soft drinks / beer), Glass bottles (soft drinks / beer / mineral water), PET (soft drinks / mineral water), Liquid carton filling, Keg filling
  • Plastic Modular Belts
  • Slat and Conveyor Chains
  • Fabric Coated Belts
  • Profiles, Guides, Wear Strips
Positive Drive

(PDF - 662.97 Kb)
  • HabasitLINK®/KVP® plastic modular belts, including the new
  • Habasit HyCLEAN belts and sprockets, and the HyCLEAN CIP system
  • Fabric-based conveyor and processing belts
  • HyGUARD®/HabaGUARD® antimicrobial belts
  • HySAN® oil- and fat-resistant PVC belts
  • HabaCHAIN® slat and conveyor chains
  • HabiPLAST® profiles, guides and wear strips
  • Rossi gear motors and gear reducers, featuring the HyCLEAN
Safe, secure
and reliable

(PDF - 708.37 Kb)
  • Habasit offers belting solutions that cover all areas of airport baggage handling applications, from check-in to baggage claim
  • Check-in systems
  • Baggage screening systems
  • Baggage handling systems
  • Aircraft loading/unloading systems
and KVP®
Plastic Modular

(PDF - 708.37 Kb)
  • Habasit plastic modular belts are assembled in a bricklayed pattern for lateral strength, and this feature allows the construction of virtually any width and length. Our custom-made belts are available with flights and side guards as an integral part of the belt, and are secured with full-length plastic hinge rods.
  • Each belt style is available in food approved materials to meet a wide range of application requirements, operating temperatures and chemical resistance.
HabasitLINK® Modular
Belts for Applications in
Corrugated Cardboard Manufacturing and
Converting Your benefits with
Habasit plastic modular belts

(PDF - 4.75 Mb)
  • No "elephant foot"
  • Perfect stacks
  • Closed surface, less dust under conveyor?
  • Avoid system-inherent risks of live rollers
  • Improve your staff's safety
  • Very userfriendly and easy handling of narrow stacks
Timing Belts

(PDF - 1.67 Mb)
  • Accurate tooth position stability (precision tooth form)
  • High indexing accuracy / pitch accuracy
  • Low elongation, longitudinal stability
  • No slip / self-tracking
  • Low bearing load
  • High flexibility
  • Small return radius, high bending stability, small pulley diameters
  • Compact and homogenous construction
Wood Industry
Belts for
the Board
and Panel

(PDF - 3.45 Mb)
  • Forming belts (Processing belts/Extraline)
  • Prepress belts (Processing belts/Extraline)
  • Deaeration belts (Processing belts/Extraline)
  • General conveying
  • Power transmission belts

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