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At Pooley, Inc., we are proud to continue our long tradition of supplying top quality material handling equipment to customers in Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Niagara Falls, New York, and Erie, Pennsylvania. We have partnered with the experts at Omni Metalcraft to provide a full line of gravity rollers, gravity conveyors, and skate wheel conveyors. Omni manufactures a large range of standard rollers to meet a wide variety of applications. All types of rollers are available, from light-duty gravity to heavy-duty powered applications. Many different tube sizes, material options, and construction features are available to fulfill customers' exact specifications. A variety of gravity roller conveyors are available as well, with a host of advantages that include high versatility, secure installation, and economical and efficient operation. For conveying light packages and products, Omni's gravity skatewheel conveyors provide a non-powered method for material conveyance with little manual effort. These are just a few of the products available from Omni Metalcraft's diverse line. For further information about the rollers, conveyors, and other Omni products available for material handling, please contact us directly.

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Omni Metalcraft Product Literature

PDF Omni Zero Pressure Lineshaft Quotation Worksheet(PDF - 156.00KB)

PDF Omni Scissor Lift Tech Spec(PDF - 330.00KB)

PDF Omni Scissor Lift Technical Handbook(PDF - 2.09MB)

PDF Omni 24v Flat Motor Conveyor Quotation Worksheet(PDF - 245.00KB)

PDF Omni 24v MDR Quotation Worksheet(PDF - 252.00KB)

PDF Omni Advantage Brochure(PDF - 3.70KB)

PDF Omni Ball Transfer Quotation Worksheet(PDF - 176.00KB)

PDF Omni Baseline Belt Incline Tech Spec(PDF -325.00KB)

PDF Omni Baseline Belt Straight Tech Spec(PDF - 224.00KB)

PDF Omni Baseline CDLR Curve Conveyor Tech Spec(PDF - 502.00KB)


PDF Omni Baseline FMDR Tech Spec(PDF - 218.00KB)

PDF Omni_Baseline Lineshaft Curve Tech Spec(PDF - 717.00KB)

PDF Omni Baseline Lineshaft Spur Tech Spec(PDF - 230.00KB)

PDF Omni Bearing Index(PDF - 3.14MB)

PDF Omni Belt Conveyor Curved Tech Spec(PDF - 226.00KB)

PDF Omni Belt Conveyor Quote Worksheet(PDF - 174.00KB)

PDF Omni Belt Conveyor Technical Handbook(PDF - 3.23MB)

PDF Omni Belt Driven Live Roller Quotation Worksheet(PDF - 160.00KB)

PDF Omni Belt Driven Live Roller Straight Spec(PDF - 342.00KB)

PDF Omni Belt Driven Live Roller Technical Handbook(PDF - 3.05MB)

PDF Omni CDLR Conveyor Maintenance Instructions(PDF - 75.9KB)

PDF Omni CDLR Curve Conveyor Quote Worksheet(PDF - 327.00KB)

PDF Omni CDLR Quotation Worksheet(PDF - 150.00KB)

PDF Omni CDLR Straight Conveyor Tech Spec(PDF - 359.00KB)

PDF Omni Chain Conveyor Quotation Worksheet(PDF - 99.7KB)

PDF Omni Chain Driven Live Roller Technical Handbook(PDF - 155.00KB)


PDF Omni Chain Transfer Catalog(PDF - 99.7KB)

PDF Omni Chain Transfer Quotation Worksheet(PDF - 99.7KB)

PDF Omni Coatings Sleeves Brochure(PDF - 805.00KB)

PDF Omni CVC Quotation Worksheet(PDF - 131.00KB)

PDF Omni Extendable Belt Conveyors Features(PDF - 340.00KB)

PDF Omni Flat Motor Conveying Flyer(PDF - 881.00KB)

PDF Omni FMDR Technical Handbook(PDF - 2.69MB)

PDF Omni Food Beverage Conveyor Maintenance Solutions Flyer(PDF - 247.00KB)

PDF Omni Gravity Conveyor Catalog(PDF - 4.00MB)

PDF Omni Gravity Roller Conveyor Quotation Worksheet(PDF - 185.00KB)

PDF Omni Gravity Roller Quotation Worksheet(PDF - 123.00KB)

PDF Omni Gravity Roller Silo Quotation Worksheet(PDF - 160.00KB)

PDF Omni Gravity Roller Technical Handbook(PDF - 2.02MB)

PDF Omni Gravity Skatewheel Quotation Worksheet(PDF - 283.00KB)


PDF Omni Gravity Spur Quotation Worksheet(PDF - 177.00KB)

PDF Omni Grooved Roller Quotation Worksheet(PDF -121.00KB)

PDF Omni Hydraulic Scissor Lift Quotation Worksheet(PDF - 139.00KB)

PDF Omni Hydraulic Tilter Quotation Worksheet(PDF - 121.00KB)

PDF Omni Hydraulic Upender Quotation Worksheet(PDF - 145.00KB)

PDF Omni Lift and Rotate Flyer(PDF - 391.00KB)

PDF Omni Lift Gates Brochure(PDF - 1.16MB)

PDF Omni Line Card(PDF - 1.09MB)

PDF Omni Lineshaft Maintenance Instructions(PDF - 48.4KB)

PDF Omni Lineshaft Quotation Worksheet(PDF - 185.00KB)

PDF Omni Lineshaft Straight Tech Spec(PDF - 254.00KB)

PDF Omni Lineshaft Technical Handbook(PDF - 2.68MB)

PDF Omni Material Handling Foundry Flyer(PDF - 204.00KB)

PDF Omni MDR Tech Spec(PDF - 254.00KB)

PDF Omni MDR Technical Handbook(PDF - 1.92MB)

PDF Omni Metal Belt Conveyor Flier(PDF - 578.00KB)

PDF Omni Modular Plastic Belt Brochure(PDF - 798.00KB)

PDF Omni Modular Table Top Brochure(PDF - 826.00KB)

PDF Omni Modular Table Top Quotation Worksheet(PDF - 176.00KB)

PDF Omni Motor Driven Roller Flyer(PDF - 99.7KB)

PDF Omni Multi-Tier Scissor Lift Specs(PDF - 228.00KB)

PDF Omni Plastic Belt Quotation Worksheet(PDF - 588.00KB)

PDF Omni Pneumatic Scissor Lift Quotation Worksheet(PDF - 131.00KB)

PDF Omni Premium Class Feature Checklist(PDF - 41.1KB)

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PDF Omni Product Stacker Destacker Quotation Worksheet(PDF - 99.7KB)

PDF Omni Reciprocating Vertical Quotation Worksheet(PDF - 136.00KB)

PDF Omni Roller Catalog(PDF - 2.60MB)

PDF Omni Roller Optimization and Measurement Guide(PDF - 99.7KB)

PDF Omni Roller Quotation Worksheet(PDF - 167.00KB)

PDF Omni Slat Conveyor Quotation Worksheet(PDF - 137.00KB)

PDF Omni Solution Spotlight Catalog(PDF - 3.42MB)

PDF Omni Sprocketed Roller Quotation Worksheet(PDF - 128KB)

PDF Omni Standard Belt Curve Quotation Worksheet(PDF - 203.00KB)

PDF Omni Standard Paint Colors(PDF - 93.6KB)

PDF Omni Standard Products Catalog(PDF - 5.60MB)

PDF Omni Standard Products Catalog 1(PDF - 20.9MB)

PDF Omni Taper Roller Quotation Worksheet(PDF - 247.00KB)

PDF Omni Tilter Upender Brochure(PDF - 1.53MB)

PDF Omni Transfer Car Quotation Worksheet(PDF - 156.00KB)

PDF Omni_Turntable_Technical_Handbook(PDF - 2.02MB)

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PDF Omni Turntables Catalog(PDF - 652.00KB)

PDF Omni Turntables Quotation Worksheet(PDF - 162.00KB)

PDF Omni Wire Mesh Conveyor Quotation Worksheet(PDF - 197.00KB)

PDF Omni Zero Pressure CDLR Quotation Worksheet(PDF - 175.00KB)

PDF OMC Bearing Index(PDF - 3.14MB)

PDF OMC Coating and Sleeves(PDF - 1.10MB)

PDF OMC Line Card(PDF - 8.35KB)

PDF OMC Roller Catalog(PDF - 717.00KB)

PDF OMC Roller Flier(PDF - 210.00KB)

PDF OMC Roller Optimization and Measurement Guide(PDF - 2.31MB)

PDF OMC Stainless PVC Roller Catalog(PDF - 0.98MB)

PDF OMC Standard Paint Colors(PDF - 126.00KB)

PDF Ball Transfer Table RFQ(PDF - 181.11KB)

PDF Gravity Skatewheel Conveyor RFQ(PDF - 290.59KB)

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PDF Hydraulic Scissor Lift RFQ(PDF - 143.26KB)

PDF OMC Belt Conveyor RFQ(PDF - 178.47KB)

PDF OMC CDLR Curve Conveyor RFQ(PDF - 335.56KB)


PDF OMC Chain Transfer RFQ(PDF - 156.11KB)

PDF OMC Gravity Roller Conveyor RFQ(PDF - 189.94KB)

PDF OMC Gravity Roller RFQ(PDF - 126.51KB)

PDF OMC Gravity Spur RFQ(PDF - 181.52KB)

PDF OMC Grooved Roller RFQ(PDF - 124.78KB)

PDF OMC Lineshaft RFQ(PDF - 190.18KB)

PDF OMC Roller Quote Sheet RFQ(PDF - 160.22KB)

PDF OMC Sprocketed Roller RFQ(PDF - 131.12KB)

PDF OMC Taper Roller RFQ(PDF - 253.74KB)

PDF Standard Belt Curve_RFQ Worksheet(PDF - 210.90KB)

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