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For over 75 years, Flexaust has manufactured long-lasting, durable, and flexible ducting and tubing for all types of industrial and commercial applications. At Pooley, we distribute high quality Flexaust products to customers all throughout the Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Niagara Falls, NY and Erie, PA regions. Many different products are available, including the Flex-Tube™ all-plastic hose. This product has a smooth interior for easy flow, as well as features that include high flexibility, rust resistance, and efficient airflow. We also carry a number of Pooley industrial exhaust hoses. These dependable products are made from materials that include coated fabric, silicone, Teflon, polyurethane, thermoplastic rubber, and PVC that are wire reinforced. They work in temperatures ranging from -65°F to 1050°F. Industrial exhaust hoses from Flexaust cover applications that range from reel & drop systems and engine testing to paper mill drying. Many of these hoses have high-endurance qualities that make them resistant to oils, ozone, solvents, fungus, water, and alkalis. These hoses are great for vacuum. To learn more about our selection of Flexaust ducting, tubing, and hosing, please contact us directly.

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Flexaust Product Literature

Catalog 2016

Flexaust Catalog 2015
(PDF - 3.53Mb)
Flexaust Chemical
Resistance Chart

Flexaust Chemical Resistance Chart
(PDF - 821.96Kb)
Flexaust Commercial
Industrial Hose

Flexaust Commercial Industrial Hose
(PDF - 5.26Mb)
Flexaust Cuffs
Connectors Flyer

Flexaust Cuffs Connectors Flyer
(PDF - 244.7Kb)
Flexaust Exhaust
Hose Guidelines

Flexaust Exhaust Hose Guidelines
(PDF - 1.04Mb)
Flexaust Flexadux
Reinforced Flyer

Flexaust Flexadux Reinforced Flyer
(PDF - 231.41Kb)
Flexaust Flexible
Tube Flyer

Flexaust Flexible Tube Flyer
(PDF - 1.29Mb)
Flexaust FlexStat

Flexaust FlexStat Flyer
(PDF - 1.01Mb)
Flexaust Floor
Care Hose Flyer

Flexaust Floor Care Hose Flyer
(PDF - 306.97Kb)
Flexaust Genesis
Tiger Tail

Flexaust Genesis Tiger Tail
(PDF - 533.07Kb)
Flexaust Leaf
Collection Flyer

Flexaust Leaf Collection Flyer
(PDF - 2.87Mb)
Novitane Price
List 2015

Flexaust Woodworking Dust Collection
(PDF - 423.63Kb)

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